Uniting tone, beauty, and ecology, Jedidiah Planet Saving Guitars are here to redefine what a guitar can ultimately achieve! Hand-built by luthier Jedidiah Wiebe, these guitars are the pure expression of one man's devotion to nature.

Jonathan’s guitar.

Jon! Here’s some pics of your guitar!


First pic is gluing on the braces to the new soundboard with a go-bar deck (which is an ancient Chinese technology in fact)


All set up to glue the top on! Look at those clamps!  Beauties!



This bad boy is the special jig which holds the router to cut perfectly square recesses for the binding and purlfling to be glued into. Believe it or not these are not just decoration.  The many layers of different coloured wood increase strength in a critical area tremendously!

Here is a




I love this pic!  It shows good detail on the recess which will be filled with binding and purfling.  Such a good way to reinforce the edge of the guitar!



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