Uniting tone, beauty, and ecology, Jedidiah Planet Saving Guitars are here to redefine what a guitar can ultimately achieve! Hand-built by luthier Jedidiah Wiebe, these guitars are the pure expression of one man's devotion to nature.

Introducing Jedidiah Planet Saving Guitars artist Spencer Elliott

I’m extemely excited to announce that Spencer Elliott plays one of my guitars in his brand new debut record “Some Forgotten Colour” which was released this morning. Spencer has now joined an elite group of the world’s top guitar soloists by recording this album with Antione Dufour for Candryat records, the world’s top label for fingerstyle and soloist guitar artists.

In this album Spencer crafts incredible original compositions each as unique as is his own style. Spencer’s incredible skills as a player and performer match his love for music and his talent as a composer. In this album he plays a Jedidiah Jumbo In many wild tunings including drop tunings as low as drop B!

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAxK1z-BUUk

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