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Uniting tone, beauty, and ecology, Jedidiah Planet Saving Guitars are here to redefine what a guitar can ultimately achieve! Hand-built by luthier Jedidiah Wiebe, these guitars are the pure expression of one man's devotion to nature.

Violin Repair

I offer a fully comprehensive range of repair services for instruments of the violin family.  Having studied as an apprentice in the art of violin construction and repair with the Maestro Vicente Larrain I will happily accommodate your individual needs, budget and playing requirements.  My service includes an in-shop consultation to ensure the quality and satisfaction of what you may be needing and expecting.  All my repairs are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials.

Update: January 2013.  I am no longer keen to take repairs, due to the waiting list on guitar orders.  If you really need something fixed my shop rate is now $120/hr

Please email me at sustain(a)jedidiah.ca or call 250-515-4311 to set up an appointment.

If you’ve had work done on your instrument by me, please leave a comment.

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