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Uniting tone, beauty, and ecology, Jedidiah Planet Saving Guitars are here to redefine what a guitar can ultimately achieve! Hand-built by luthier Jedidiah Wiebe, these guitars are the pure expression of one man's devotion to nature.

Jumbo Fan-Fret

If you are a guitarist who demands performance from your guitar this is the guitar for you. With its big body and fanned frets it is capable of clearly and articulately producing both the fattest bass tone, and the clearest ringing trebles – even in open tunings. Although this guitar performs exceptionally well in standard tuning it will maintain perfect balance across all the strings in severely dropped tunings such as DADGAD or even lower. This guitar is designed as the ultimate “fully loaded” fingerstyle guitar. All the advantages of a BIG guitar, but still extremely comfy! Not only does it sport an armrest bevel it also has a one inch “wedge” from left to right side – thus allowing a big sound, without being wide under your arm! As with all my guitars it comes with a compound radiussed fingerboard, and extremely precise action for ultra smooth playablity. It is indeed hard to put down once you pick it up! So full of life this guitar practically plays itself!

Scale Length: 25″-26″

Body max width: 16.75″

Body length: 20.75″

Overall length: 41″

These guitars are built either with Lutz spruce soundboards repurposed from decomissioned bridge stringers, or spruce piano soundboards repurposed from 100+ year old piano soundboards. The back, sides, and neck are composed of the highest grade of Honduras Mahogany repurposed from vintage, but non-restorable, furniture. The fingerboard, bridge, bindings, and overlays are repurposed from exotic hardwood floors: Copalwood and Maple. Inlays of matlenite or false turquoise, and as always: pain/death free naturally shed deer antlers for the Nut/Saddle.

Photos by Clive Bryson


I’m pleased to announce the release of a new album by emerging solo guitarist Spencer Elliott of Candyrat records “Some Forgotten Color.” Spencer plays a Jedidiah Jumbo fanned fret with a 25-26 1/4 scale length.

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